INSTRUCTION SHEET (Copyright 1935)
This is the original 1935 Easy Money instruction sheet. Note that the instruction sheet says the owner of a single Public Service property is entitled to 3 times the dice roll, 8 times the dice roll if both are owned by the same player. The Property Cards for the two Public Service properties say 4 times the dice roll for a single and 10 times if both are owned, just like Monopoly. In addition, the 4 Transportation properties rent in the instructions is $10 if 1 is owned, $25 if 2 are owned, $50 for 3, and $75 for 4. The property cards say $25, $50, $100, and $200 - the same as Monopoly. Oops!
I believe this board represents a hybrid of the earliest 1935 Easy Money board and the later 'New and Improved' 1936 board. The first Easy Money game boards had the same play squares, the only difference being the original color of the 'G' series properties was a dark purple and this board shows a lighter green color. I think this change was made to make the text easier to read by providing more contrast between the black text and the color of the squares.

The most noticeable change was the redesign of the center area. The original board showed 3 thick border lines, with EASY MONEY shown twice around the circle, a green color fill in the bank building, orange color fill in the word BANK, and was oriented parallel to the center fold line. In addition, the corner squares were white and there was an extraneous thick black line in the corner opposite the START square.

This 1935 hybrid board shows many 'housekeeping' changes. In the center, the EASY MONEY text is shown only once at the top of the circle, the color fill for the bank building and the BANK text is gone, now showing only as an outline on a yellow background, the orientation was rotated 90 degrees CCW to be perpendicular to the fold line, and the border of the center circle shows only as a single thick black line instead of three. These changes reduce the 'clutter' of the original board. Also, the white corner colors were changed to the predominant yellow background color and the extra line was removed from the square opposite the START square.

About the time this redesigned board was introduced, Parker Brothers brought suit against Milton-Bradley claiming the EASY MONEY game infringed on their Monopoly game patent. Among other game changes, Milton-Bradley had to modify the play squares of the EASY MONEY board to placate Parker Brothers, so the 'New and Improved' game board of 1936 showed significant changes to the play squares while retaining much of the other characteristics of this redesigned board.

I think the production and distribution of this board was cut short by this action, making this style board very hard to find today.
The early Milton-Bradley 'Easy Money' game was a knock-off of Parker Brothers Monopoly game, even down to the Property Cards showing varying rent depending on how many houses were on the property. As a result, Parker Brothers filed suit against Milton-Bradley claiming Easy Money infringed on their Monopoly patent. This forced Milton-Bradley to modify their game and part of that modification was the elimination of Property Cards. The 1936 'New and Improved' edition of Easy Money did not have them. These were only available in 1935.
Milton-Bradley had GIVE OR TAKE cards with instructions similar to Monopoly's CHANCE and COMMUNITY CHEST cards instructing players to either pay or receive money or go to certain squares. There were 24 of them. These were retained in the 'NEW AND IMPROVED' Easy Money games after 1935.